We would like to invite you to join us for the experience of a lifetime! Pagan Fires is a new festival happening September 26th-29thin central Ohio at 4H Camp Graham and featuring the best of local and national presenters in a scenic upgraded camping atmosphere. This year, our theme is PRISM: Many Color, One Light and will highlight the unifying diversity found within the people who practice Pagan, Earth-based, and Metaphysical spiritualities. We are open to all ages and will be offering twelve hours of FREE CHILDREN’s PROGRAMING!

What makes Pagan Fires Special?

There are many options when it comes to how you might spend your time, but we hope you consider spending it with us! Pagan Fires is a family friendly camping festival that is organized by a professional staff with over fifty years of combined experience in planning community events. At Pagan Fires, you can expect to see a professional staff that has done all the work so you and your family can enjoy yourselves with a tribe of like-minded people. We welcome well behaved adults, mature kids, and all those who are searching for a community.

The word Pagan encompasses a wide range of spiritual traditions and practices that can’t be seen elsewhere. We don’t always see eye to eye on how to worship or who to worship, but we stand united as group of outliers, facing a world that rarely shares our values. It is more often that society tells us that our differences separate us, but we Pagans know that diversity gives us strength. Perhaps more importantly, that separateness is an illusion.

E Pluribus Unum, From Many One.

For our debut year we have chosen PRISM: Many Colors, One Light as our theme and will be focusing on the strength found in our community through its embrace of diversity. We will be highlighting the many traditions, organizations, and persons that make up the local Pagan and Pagan Fires communities and will work with art as metaphor for personal and communal growth. Our programming is specifically geared towards promoting the fundamental elements of Paganism such as meditation, earth stewardship, and ancestor worship all within a container of respect, compassion, and responsibility.

Statement of Inclusivity

Many Colors; One LightWe are all different, together. At Sabbat Entertainment our goal is to provide a fun, safe,and welcoming space to everyone, which is why we are proud to affirm our commitment to championing the values of diversity and equality for all. We recognize that our community is stronger when we celebrateour differences and so our welcome extends across race, gender, gender identity, religion, age, identity,ability, and culture. If you also share this value, then we welcome you to celebrate as we shine our many-colored lights, together.

Event Staff

Devin Hunter – Organizer/ Onsite Management

Heather Killen– Organizer/ Onsite Operations

Tiffany Ware – Operations & Guest Services

Soolah Hoops – Head of Children’s Programing

Storm Faerywolf –Talent Liaison & Registration Coordinator

Chas Bogan – Vendor Liaison & Silent Auction Coordinator

Jenn A Lady– Green Room Coordinator

Bone – Head of Security

Darwin RedSky – Dining Hall Coordinator

All Sabbat Entertainment events donate a portion of ticket sales to a charity that supports the vision of the festival community. This year we have chosen to donate funds to The Nature Conservancy of Ohio. While we have no affiliation with them, we believe their work to be crucial to the ecological health of Ohio’s waterways and wetlands. On the last day a check will be presented on behalf of the Pagan Fires community.