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We Create Events That Last

Premium Spiritual, Conscious-Living, & Self-Care events that are handcrafted for the attendee.
& Why We careWho we are

Who we are & Why We care

We know what makes an event perfect because for over twenty years we have been both event organizers and attendees.
Sabbat Entertainment is a small event company dedicated to producing premium spiritual, conscious-living, and self-care related events for real people. We take a professional approach to what we do, striving to create environments that allow our attendees and presenters to enjoy themselves while we do all the hard work. Founded by veteran large and small event organizers, Sabbat Entertainment is backed by over fifty years of experience and heart.

Staff & Consultants

Devin Hunter

Programing Director/ Organizer

Heather Killen

Consultant/ Operations Director

Storm Faerywolf


Chas Bogan



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